Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hard telling not knowing.

It's been a very busy weekend, like all weekends these days. And although Ben and I are both feeling pretty burned out (and Adeline is most likely wishing both her parents were in the same space at the same time), great progress is being made.

Ben spent his birthday doing a whole lot of work - on the house! He and our good friend Greg finished a bunch of small but wonderful tasks, that add up to the house looking so much more finished. The trim around our recently widened walk through is in place; the baseboards are back and the foot moulding is down; the thresholds are where they should be - just in time for the more serious cold that's been rolling in; and the back door now has tile in front of it, which just needs to be grouted and sealed. Hurray for wonderful friends that are willing to help on their own precious weekends, and hurray for progress!

There is just a little bit of painting and organizing left to be done, and then the house is ready for our home visit. And amazingly, we are starting to really have most of our paperwork in the bag. Not all of it, but enough that I can see the end of it in sight. All of this seems to be moving at lightspeed, and yet I can't hurry it fast enough. I don't want to burn time, just the lead-up to being activated, where some Mama and Papa out there might see our profile and decide we are JUST the kind of family they would want.