Friday, June 1, 2012

Nearly halfway?

So it's June, how did that happen?

I'm not quite sure, but here we are. Time has, mercifully, passed without incident, and I am happy to say no one in our little family has yet exploded with the pressure of waiting.

When we activated with the agency we are using they gave us an approximate wait time of 1-12 months. This is a time frame we are kind of clinging to, as the only even faintly concrete portion of this process. Soooo... could this mean that come July 1st we are halfway to meeting our baby? Or that within the average of 1-12 months (what kind of average is that anyway?) 6 months is the mean?

Clearly we are still chock-full of hope - or at least I am - because I have been knitting like a fiend for this baby. If he or she arrives this summer we will have to spend our time in overly air conditioned rooms so that the wee pilot caps and sweaters can be worn, if only for pictures. The little garments make me smile smile smile. Baby you are loved! Wherever you are.