Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It looks like around about the end of this month we will be "active" with our agency. 7-10 days from now that means that we will be shown to expectant mothers and fathers, our profile will be visible online, and that our match could really come any time, or be a year or more from now.

Yesterday we went to our bank and signed papers before a notary that were kind of intense. They laid out exactly how this all works, in legalese, and then we had to initial over and over again each paragraph on each page, confirming we read and understood it, and then sign at the bottom. I felt my hands shaking a little as I did it, and the whole rest of the day I felt a bit discombobulated. It was our activation agreement, and it makes what we are doing binding, the backout point without being seriously penalized has passed. The papers are on their way to Kansas and we are just waiting on them now. I am so very happy and terrified, and eager to meet our child. So, Merry Christmas to us, we are now as pregnant as we've been in quite a while.