Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en Eve

Happy very nearly Halloween. And just under the wire we bought and carved our pumpkins today. We started the day driving out to our second of three visits with our homestudy caseworker. This time it was for interviews. This seemed like it could be scary, but in the end, her motivations are simple and she's really very nice, so it was fine. We were allotted an hour each for our interviews, and she asked for more information regarding questions she had after reading our questionnaires. I took more than my fair share of time, since I have had a slightly more complicated life that requires complicated answers to complicated questions. 

So now that's done - the caseworker got to meet our darling Adeline, and see that we've managed to raise an awesome person thus far, so I'm certain that was many points in our favor. On our way back we went to the same farm we've gone to every year to pick our pumpkins. But, for the first time I did not have my camera, which felt weird weird weird. I'll just have to store the memories in my head. The weather was beautiful, the pumpkins were chosen, there was running between the rows, all of the necessary components.

We bought four pumpkins this year. Do you like number four? Our little mystery baby, you are such an exciting question, I can't wait to begin to learn the answers.

Next weekend is the home visit, so this week is serious crunch time to get all the loose ends tied up. This is also a very special week, because my Mom is coming from NY to visit, she should be arriving on Tuesday, and we can't wait. I am hoping to harness her Martha Stewart-esque skills and natural proclivity to bustle for the forces of good - namely my house. I suppose I should apologize to her in advance that her visit falls during an insanely busy little blip in our lives, but it's pretty neat that she can help me nest for this baby, the way she did when we were preparing for Adeline's arrival.

So yes - wish us luck as we buckle down. We'll need it.

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