Monday, October 17, 2011

First Up...

We got a few more things checked off the list today, which feels excellent. Ben went for his physical and blood and drug testing with his Doctor. His Doctor shared that he had recently been through through the same Homestudy process, and they are now on the wait list to adopt a child from China. Ben passed the physical with flying colors, and now is just waiting on his labs to return, and then we can file that away for the Homestudy. I went to have my GBI fingerprints run again, the first time wasn't clear enough. And played phone tag with various Georgia law enforcement agencies about where and how I could get my fingerprinting done to send off for our FBI clearance, and finally spoke to someone who knew all about it. Also requested our 911 Screen (a report of any 911 calls made from our home in the last 5 years), and that is apparently ready and waiting for us now. Adeline was my companion through all of our errands and phone calls today, and she is being so very patient. Just to reassure you - we actually spent the whole morning at home. Homeschooling, and waiting on some plumbing repair people so that we could finish our laundry. Phew, all fixed.

I realize as I write this that some people may not know what a Homestudy is - I certainly didn't until it came time to have one. It's a process that is required by the state you live in and your agency (if you have one) to make certain that you, your spouse (if you have one), family, and home are safe to raise a child. It feels very invasive to have to prove your fitness when traditional reproduction requires no proof at all, but we understand the logic behind it. So, at the end of the Homestudy the state and agency (with the help of a social worker) will feel confident that we are mentally, physically, and financially prepared to bring a child into our lives. That our home is safe, that we do not have scary criminal records, and that our friends and family feel that we are up to the task. It involves many many pieces of paper and questions, and it's overwhelming, but I keep reminding myself that at least during this part of the adoption process we have control over something. Most of the process will involve us sitting back and hoping, praying, willing everything to go well. Kind of like with labor and birth - often it feels good to push, because at least then you can actively participate, rather than letting the contractions crash against you and wash over.

So, still left is my physical, Addie's physical, an exhaustive questionnaire, a million pictures, a profile, financial statements, a home visit, interviews with our caseworker, and some giant checks. And some other stuff that I don't have on the tip of my tongue. We can do it.

I feel like our family is bundled up in warmth with the outpouring of supportive thoughts through Facebook - and a few donations that have come into our donation fund. But that is a topic for another day.

I'm now off to work on my OTHER job (not that of a Mama, or a paperchaser) as a photographer, and work on finishing up sessions for clients. There will be much coffee consumed. Blessedly, I love that job - and feel very grateful for the chance to do it.

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  1. My friend, Mara, is in the process of adopting from China for the 3rd time. Her blog, if you are interested, is